Best Selling Author John Green Finds a Bitcoin, Donates it to Charity

On Friday, Hank Green, one-half of the Youtube juggernaut VlogBrothers, posted a video telling the story of their experience with a bitcoin.

In 2014, someone sent John and Hank “almost an entire bitcoin.” Depending on when exactly it was purchased, this would have cost a couple hundred bucks. The gift was quickly forgotten for several years. But when the price of Bitcoin hit $15,000 and beyond last December, John Green started putting in more work to find and take control of the BTC gift (a familiar story).

…[John] did a systematic search of every email we had ever received since the beginning of bitcoin.

After recreating an old email address to get access to Coinbase, the duo logged in, saw they had about $15k worth of bitcoin, and promptly sold it.

They ended up donating the money to the charity Partners in Health.

Here’s the full video:

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